The Lessons

The Alexander Technique is different from therapies in that instead of a therapist-client or doctor-patient relationship, it is a teacher-pupil one as the technique does not profess to fix you or ‘do’ anything to you, rather teach or guide you in how to look after and help yourself.  That is why we call it an Alexander Technique lesson as it maintains the fact that the technique is educational.

The lessons are one-to-one and require your active participation, this will involve discussing what you observe about yourself and the world around you while also exploring new ways to move around, stand and sit.  You will be taught how to notice and change habits, some you will uncover during the lesson and others will become apparent as you gain more awareness of what you do day to day.  The technique can be practiced all the time and wherever you are, for example, how aware are you right now?  How are you standing or sitting?  What are your shoulders doing?  Are your feet on the ground? Do you notice any tension or discomfort anywhere? How close are you to the screen?  Are you aware of the room around you?  You will learn to become aware of all this and learn to simply observe what you do without judgment which will lead you to be able to choose how you move, stand or sit instead of being a slave to your habits.

The Alexander Technique has no exercises and it is for everyone.  The number of lessons needed depends on you and to what level you wish to take it.  As well as discussing how you think in relation to how you move I will also use gentle hand contact to guide you into movement and help release any unwanted tension.

 A  30 minute lesson is £25