About Catrin

Catrin Parry MSTAT

I am a fully qualified, DBS checked Alexander Technique Teacher and a Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.  I graduated from the Bristol Alexander School in 2012, where I trained for three years on the STAT approved course (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique).

I discovered the Alexander Technique in 2006 while living in France.  I had slipped a disk in my lower back and was forced to lie on my back for two months.  During this time I was sent a book about the technique which completely changed the way I was thinking about how to go about getting better.  It was no longer about finding someone to fix me, rather looking and learning about how I can help myself.  Eventually I decided to return to the U.K. and sought out an Alexander Technique teacher where not only did the pain in my back disappear but also other issues in my life healed too.  I was so happy with the results of the Alexander Technique that I decided to train as a teacher in 2009 at the Bristol Alexander School.

As well as my passion for the Alexander Technique I also love languages, I grew up bilingually speaking both Welsh and English and later at school learnt French and German.  At university I gave up German for Italian and have a BA honours degree in French and Italian.  I have spent some years living in both France and Italy where I taught English and studied linguistics.  I would be happy to teach the Alexander technique in English, Welsh, French or Italian.